about Allied Landscaping

About Allied Landscaping LLC

Quality Materials, Workmanship and Experience You Can Trust.

Allied Landscaping LLC is a family owned and operated business based in Grove City, PA, serving residential customers throughout Western Pennsylvania. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction, and we pride ourselves in providing quality workmanship and superior building materials at reasonable and competitive pricing.

For nearly two decades we have been creating award-winning hardscape and outdoor living areas of distinction.

  • Lifetime warranty on Unilock and Techo-Bloc materials
  • Two-year warranty on workmanship
  • Licensed Hardscape Contractor PA#088303
  • Fully Insured
  • References available
  • Referrals appreciated

Our commitment to customer service and satisfaction.

Much of our work comes to us through customer referrals or as repeat business from previous customers in the four-county region. Our goal is your pride and satisfaction.

From consultation through completion, Allied Landscaping LLC is dedicated to understanding the customer's needs, and creating an exterior investment that beautifies your property and reflects your lifestyle.

From formal to casual design, we use superior quality pavers, natural stone and top-grade materials that enhance the natural surroundings. Our experienced crews create one-of-a-kind residential hardscape projects that are structurally sound, attractive, functional and long lasting.

From simple to complex, Allied Landscaping LLC provides complete contracting and design, landscape installation of brick pavers, patios, pool landscaping, water features, outdoor kitchens and many more services in Butler County, PA, Mercer County, PA, Lawrence County, PA and Venango County, PA.

Meet the Allied Landscaping Team.



Simply call us to get started. Our four-phase process:

Personal Design Consultation: We will schedule a mutually convenient time to meet at your home, get acquainted and listen to your needs, objectives and vision for the project. We'll evaluate the existing site and conditions, and present options for long-lasting materials. You'll have every opportunity to ask questions and to see our portfolio of previous projects. Allied Landscaping LLC is fully insured, and references are available upon request.

Estimate Review and Approval: Based on our discussion and your input, we will provide you with a detailed Estimate and Job Description that includes project specifics, types of materials, brands and colors to be used, work stages, estimated timeline and project costs. Your estimate includes all labor and materials; there are no hidden costs or extras. Upon your acceptance, our typical terms require a deposit to begin work, with the balance payable upon completion.

Construction and Installation: Our objective is to create your vision from the selected quality building materials within the estimated timeline. We will work diligently to complete your project smoothly, but inclement weather or other factors can require schedule adjustments. We will use the best materials, equipment and industry-best construction methods to produce a rock-solid finished project. (See Hardscape Installation Basics below.)

Completion and Follow Up: The final phase of our work includes a jobsite cleanup, your inspection and final approval. We provide instructions about the care and maintenance of the new installation. You receive a two-year warranty on our workmanship, and all Unilock and Techo-Bloc materials include a lifetime warranty. Many customers find this to be a good time to discuss additional projects that further enhance and beautify the property.

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Rock-Solid Quality: Superior Unilock and Techo-Bloc Products.

Nationally-respected Unilock and Techo-Bloc products are the preferred materials of Allied Landscaping because of their superior quality and lifetime guarantee. With a variety of products, ranging from two to four times the strength of concrete, these name-brand materials are our choice, and the choice of tens of thousands of homeowners.

Allied Landscaping LLC is a Unilock Authorized Contractor. Visit these pages on the Unilock website for design ideas and product specifications about Unilock Pavers, Unilock Walls and Unilock Pre-Built Elements.


UNILOCK 2009 Allied Landscaping is the proud recipient of Unilock Awards of Excellence
including Most Unique Use of Unilock Products (First Place, 2009) and Best Use of Avante Ashlar (First Place, 2010).

We are an authorized Techo-Pro Contractor and subscribe to the Techo-Bloc Standards of Excellence program for qualified and experienced professional contractors. Products and workmanship meets or exceeds industry and Techo-Bloc standards.

Hardscape Installation Basics:

A unique hardscape project for your home-such as a patio, walkway, driveway or wall-will last a lifetime. Durable, top quality pavers offer many options in texture, color and shape. But a proper and lasting installation also requires quality workmanship and experienced know-how. What's more, the site preparation and base (which you don't see) is vitally important. Project requirements will vary, but typically the basic installation steps include:

  • Excavation: the site is cleared and existing soil is removed to a depth of five to 12 inches below what will be the finished paver grade, compacted and leveled. (The depth required depends on soil, climate and other considerations.)
  • Aggregate Base: Several inches of crushed limestone is delivered, spread over a stabilizing fabric, and thoroughly compacted using a vibrating plate compactor. This layer is again leveled and made perfectly smooth.
  • Screed Sand Base: An additional layer of bedding sand-compacted and level-is added to become the building surface for laying the paving stones.
  • Pavers: The pavers are carefully placed to achieve the desired pattern and to assure proper alignment of rows and lines. As needed, individual pavers will be cut with a masonry power saw for a clean fit at edges, corners and borders. The consistency and precision of this stage assures a professional appearance. The paver course is leveled and compacted into the sand bed.
  • Polymeric Sand: A special sand is swept into the joints and spaces, and again compacted. This process is repeated to completely fill the joints and form a rock-solid final surface. (Polymeric joint sand contains a binding compound that hardens when activated, yet remains flexible when wet.)