Best time to call:
Type of project and features: (Check as many as apply.)
  Outdoor Living Space Outdoor Kitchen, BBQ Gazebo, Pergola
  Hardscape Patio Fireplace, Fire Pit Landscape lighting
  Multi-level Patio Raised Planter Beds Concrete Step Overlay
  Driveway, Paving, Edging Poolside, Spa or Pool Deck Water features
  Walkway, Steps, Terrace Retaining walls Irrigation/sprinklers
  Decorative Stonework Entryway, porch, entrance Restoration, Repair
  Outdoor Shower Pillars, mailbox  
What benefits or features are important to you? (Check as many as apply.)
  Beautify property appearance Replace/upgrade old hardscape
  Enjoy outdoor living in greater comfort Outdoor kitchen, BBQ, bar
  Addition to home, extend living space Enlarge existing hardscape
  Outdoor room, retreat, oasis, relaxation Entertain family, friends, guests
  Increase value of property Poolside lounging; addition or extension
  Connect or unite other areas of the property Define or separate garden or outdoor spaces
  Privacy or seclusion; out of view of neighbors  
What look or materials do you have in mind? (Check as many as apply.)
  Modern/Contemporary Rustic/Weathered
  Complement Existing (home or hardscape) Pavers
  Stone Flagstone
  Brick Need to discuss options
Timeline: To be completed by when?
  All at once In Phases
How many people will be using the area?
family 2-4 4-6 6-8  
Entertain 4-6 6-8 8-10 10+  
How much outdoor furniture will be in use?
  4-Person Table & Chairs Typically allow about ___ sq. feet per set)
  6-Person Table & Chairs Typically allow about ___ sq. feet per set)
  8-Person Table & Chairs Typically allow about ___ sq. feet per set)
  Other seating, outdoor chairs, patio or pool furniture:
Estimated total size of project in square feet? 
What is your approximate budget?   
How did you hear about us?
  Referred by Customer - Who may we thank
  Online Search
  Trade Show


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